VR City

2020 Seattle VR/AR Companies

Directory of companies in the Seattle area that are actively involved in virtual reality and augmented reality development:

Company Location Market Product
8i Seattle Volumetric 3D holographic software
Against Gravity Seattle Social AR/VR software
Amazon Seattle Lumberyard 3D game engine; VR shopping
AnatomyNext Seattle Interactive AR anatomy software
Binomial Seattle AR/VR image texture compression software
CNDY Factory Seattle AR/VR video/streaming studio
Doghead Simulations Seattle Collaborative VR software
Epic Games Bellevue Unreal 3D game engine
FishViews Seattle VR waterway tours
HaptX Seattle Haptic glove
HTC Seattle HTC Vive VR HMD
Invrse Studios Seattle VR games
Lightspeed Design Bellevue 360° 3D cinematic hardware (DepthQ)
Limitless Seattle VR character creation
LOOOK Seattle Holographic display
Magic Leap Seattle (Georgetown) AR hardware & software
Mechanical Dreams VR Seattle VR video production
Microsoft Redmond AR HoloLens holographic glasses
NullSpace Seattle VR haptic suit (HardLight)
Peeka Seattle VR for books
Oculus Redmond, Seattle Rift HMD
Perilous Orbit Seattle AR/VR games
Pixvana Seattle VR software plaftorm
Prizmiq Seattle VR shopping app
Pluto VR Seattle (Ballard) VR software
Rocket Alien Seattle AR/VR business apps
Sprawly Seattle VR content toolset
Studio 216 Seattle AR/VR real estate software
Uforia Seattle
Unity Bellevue 3D game engine
Valve Bellevue
VIAR Seattle
Viro Media Seattle
Visual Vocal Seattle
VRcade Seattle VR arcade
VREAL Seattle
VRithm Seattle
VRStudios Seattle Commercial VR platforms
VR Sports Tukwila VR sports arcade